In Loving Memory of Shyann
January, 1991 - May 16, 1999

Shyann was a Neapolitan Mastiff that was siezed by the SPCA, she had 10 puppies, and I was asked if I could foster her and the 10 puppies, I did just that, and boy did I have fun, the puppies were a pleasure to take care of, they all found homes and I ended up adopting Shyann, when I first met Shyann and the puppies they were only a week old and I was warned that Shyann was very thin well when I met her I was shocked I had never seen a dog so skinny she was just skin and bones before I took her home they weighed her, she weighed in at 89lbs, I couldn't believe that somebody could do this to an animal well I managed to put weight on her in the irst week I took her back to the SPCA to have her spayed and they found really bad arthritis in her elbows and they made sure that I wanted to adopt her, they said that if I didn't they would put her to sleep because of her condition and that they couldn't adopt her out to anyone because of it, so I paid $50 for her spay and she was legally mine, I managed to put up to 30 - 40lbs on her, I had to keep her on the slim side because of her arthritis, we started acupuncture for her arthritis in the beginning of October of 98 which really helped in the last 6 months of her life, Shyann loved to go for truck rides my husband welded a piece of round metal to the truck so I could attach a 2 ft leash so she couldn't jump out, she loved to bake in the sunshine, she made me laugh sometimes when this great big huge dog would roll in the grass, very unlady like, but we loved her, we had Shyann for 1 1/2 wonderful years and she is going to be deeply missed.

Love and miss you lots Shyann, Goodbye my dear friend I'm glad I got to give you a second chance and a wonderful year and a half

your loving owners
Bonnie and Eric
and all your fur siblings

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