In Loving Memory of Staches Penny (Ravenwood Touchdown Darling), a black and
silver toy poodle born spring 1968---jouneyed to Dogstar December 14, 1985.

Staches had a very unique experience. He was actually traded to my father for some real estate services and even though my dad probably scratched his head for a while over the transaction, Staches wound up coming into a family of seven children who would spoil him rotten for the next 17+ years.

The youngest of us actually grew up treating Staches more like a brother than a canine. He ate, slept, traveled, and played with us. Sometimes he was even the unwitting character actor in our dramas. When we played H.R. Puffenstuff, Staches played the part of Cling. He was somehow always involved in our Partridge Family fantasies, and he was a regular feature in many a cartoon series penned by my strange and intelligent brother. We gave him a voice, and he was definitely the favored child in the house.

Staches was quite the cassanova with all the lady poodles and fathered many beautiful litters. In his youth, he was bold and full of energy. His absolute love for us just poured out at every opportunity. He brought us "presents" like dirty socks or crumpled pieces of aluminum foil to wake us up. He played frisbee and football and raced around like a little black bullet! He cozied up to us at every opportunity and let us stroke his silky pom-pom hair while he lounged in the luxury of our affection. His thoughts were human--and he loved a good practical joke, I think. Once, he peed on my unsuspecting brother in the car on a trip, and I swear Staches just sat back and laughed afterward. As he aged, he began to spot the carpet occassionally. He had an uncanny ability to place poo strategically, so that my dad would step on the first, (barefooted and in the dark) then hop on on foot into the next pile.

I have never quite gotten over losing him. Our family grieved tremendously for several years. All of us have gone on with our lives and have loved and lost other precious pets since Staches, but when we all get together, we still ponder those cherished memories of him. Long live the King of Hearts--Staches Penny!

Velvet Penny DeVors

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