We bought Tippy in 1981 for $45.00. He was almost 4 months old and his owner didn't have the time to spend with him that he needed. He was a black cockapoo with white tips on his toes, his tail, and a little cross on his chest. He was never a pet; he was family. He was smart and friendly and a wonderful companion to all of us. Our children grew up with him, leaving home actually before he did!

Tippy was the proud daddy of 8 puppies with Tasha, a Llasa Ahpso, making them Cockapopso's! And we know his puppies all are carrying him on for others. Whenever there was a birthday, he knew it. At the first lighting of a candle, or the singing of Happy Birthday, he was up on a chair, waiting for his cake and icecream. He celebrated his last birthday on January 6, 1999, and was 17 years old. He could do tricks and entertained us always. And if anyone was sad, he was there to comfort.

On April 17, 1999, Tippy went to sleep for the last time. He was going deaf and his eyesight was failing. His back legs were very weak and the time for comfort and rest for Tippy was here. We have his ashes in an Urn in our living room. He is missed more than we can every express in words. But he will always be here in our hearts. We love you Tippy.

The Jankowski Family, Ohio

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