I grew up as a lonely kid since I had no brothers or sisters but one day mom thought of something wonderful! She bought me a dog (Boxer, reverse plain brindle) that was 4 weeks old! I named him Cobra cause he seemed fearless and was the cutest dog on earth.

It took me very little time to realize he was my brother my friend my son my everything. He grew up to be a very healthy dog and a very lovely funny one too. Everybody loved him and things went on just fine... 6 years passed by and they've been the best of my life! I came back home for Christmas (after being abroad studying for my degree) just to find him sick, I never thought he "COULD" die but he did. It happened on the 31st of december 1998 on my lap and since then my life has never been the same.

I have an advice for everyone, when you have a dog, the dog of your life, always remember to cherish all of what you do together, you never know when he'll be gone for good.

I was already dreaming of having my own kids to play with him, he would grow old with my family I thought, but I never made it on time to have children before he was gone. My children will never know what a great "Big Brother" they would have had.

I remember his smile and the way he understood me, the way we played and all the love he gave me... He was the only one in my life I could count on to be there when I needed him.

He was my best friend.

I Love you Cobra.

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