1984-June 1, 1999

I adopted Helen when she was 6 weeks old, she was born deaf. She was a geat dog with a lot of personality. She survived thyroid cancer and handled her chemo very bravely.

She drove across country with me in 1994. The picture of her is in Santa Barbera. During this trip she learned about the "magic windows" at fast food places! So everytime we would go through she would expect something! Dairy Queen was her favorite, infact 2 nights before I euthanized her we went for a treat. She was always looking for food-and as a friend of mine said, "Helen was such a sweetie. I'm sure if she'd known the rewards of Dairy Queen and pig ears, she would have faked the end coming a lot sooner because if there was ever a dog that knew the shortest distance to a treat.....".

When I was in college, Helen would ride the city bus and go with me to physics class on Fridays, she was a regular. She is now with Keller and the others romping and playing. We will all meet again.

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