Gretchin & Jace

Gretchin-You were my little bundle of enegy. I will never forget the day you came into my family's life. You were so little and so scared. You cuddled right up to me and I stuck you in my sweatshirt pocket. I didn't think that I would ever get you out of there. Then you grew into the most beautiful little doxie. You were such a good mama when you had your litter. You were patient and kind and listened to all of my teenage woes with the must understanding eyes. You always knew when I was sad because you would cuddle up to me and be sad with me too. Even when you got sick, you would still want to chase your ball. They day that you went to the rainbow bridge left such a hole in my heart. Even with your daughter still with us, I still wanted to see your precious face. I will never forget you Gretchy-poo.

Jace-You were such a mama's girl. The day that mama Gretchin had you and we had to hand feed you for hours, I knew was the day that I could never let you go. You listened like your mama, and always knew the right time to give me a smooch on the nose. You were such a comfort when your mama went to the rainbow bridge. I could tell you were very sad too because you wouldn't leave your blanket for hours. You would stand very still and seem to be listening for your mama's bells on her collar. When she didnt come, you just got such a sad look on your face and jump into my lap for a cuddle. I will forever miss your precious face, and your sweet kisses. You will always be in my heart.

I love you both, my little girls

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