TJ & Pepper

My boys - TJ and Pepper. I found them on June 13, 1998, abandoned under a car tire waiting for death. I took them and their other brother and sister into my home and heart. I nursed them with a baby bottle and took care of them from the age of 3 weeks old till they were old enough to leave home. I found homes for all but one TJ. Pepper eventually came back because of problems in the family that took him. I had them for just about one year when tragedy struck. On June 2, 1999, they were playing in my back yard around 11 PM when they were on the way back into the house they spotted a cat and ran after it. Unfortunately a minivan was speeding up the block at the same time. They were hit and killed as a result. I lost my two best friends as well as two very precious beings in my life. They were my 8 year old sons pets and he is as devastated as the rest of my family and friends are. They were very sweet and although somewhat dopey they always made me laugh when I was sad and they will be missed immensely. I hope that they are waiting for me at the end of the Rainbow Bridge when I get there. Please name on star for the two brothers who lived and died together at the tender age of one. God speed my dear friends.

God Bless all the lost souls

Colleen and family

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