(but just as well remembered as Doug or Duggy)


Casper was a loyal dog, ready to pick a fight against the largest of dogs if they happened to venture into "his street". Not that he was a fighter, all his "fighting" was done safely behind a fence- although he never tok a back step if we ever left the gate open. The days when our little dog took on Bull Terriers over twice his size are ones that we look back on with great relief that he came out alive. Such bravery ( or foolishness) even extended to aircraft flying overhead, the sound of them, even though they were mere dots in the sky sent him mad.

Casper had a long active life, his cancer only really getting to him in the last week of his life, at which point we knew he had fought his war to the last. We laid our little lovable warrior to bed for the last time under one of his favourite trees, but we know that he will get to Dogstar, one day....

Farewell Casper, you were the best!

from Tim, Michelle, Des, Jill and all those who knew you well.

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