Cupcake & Bruin

This is for Cupcake and her son Bruin. I was taking my daughter over to pick up her then boyfriend and we passed this Pointer. On the way back home I just had to stop. We asked around and no one knew who she belonged to, she was a stray, a very pregnant stray! We took her home and she not long after that she had her puppies. My oldest daughter fell in love with one of the pups, he was all black except a very small mark on his chest which was white. And he had blue eyes. She held him in the palm of her hand everyday. How could we give him away? We gave the pups to good homes and kept Bruin. Cupcake loved to run around our land and she could actually climb a tree, not high, but she could! She was always checking into different things. What a joy she was. She got real sick. There was nothing left they could do. We had her and she finally had a home and a loving family for a few years. Though it wasn't long enough.

Bruin was his momma's boy! Corey would go on rainy days to the barn where we kept him and play music for him. The two would run in the barn and dance together. When her friends came by to go out, he would shy away and stand behind her. Though if he felt a threat come to her, he was her protector. They looked out for one another. Then one day when she got home from school her step-dad told her that Bruin had gotten out of the pen and ran off. Which wasn't a rare thing, but he always came back, especially when he heard her cries for him. This time she couldn't find him. Some of her friends went looking in the woods near by and searched for hours. But we never did find him. We would like to think he found a new home and that someone took him in and loved him like we did. Corey thinks of her Bruin often and misses her boy. As we all do. A few years have gone by and still no Bruin, perhaps he is now up there with his mother, our beloved Cupcake. Just know that in time dear ones, we will all be reunited. Loving you and missing you both,

Mom, Dad, Catherine, and Corey

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