Dandi was my baby. I had just lost my german shepard and my husband thought it would be easier for me to deal with the loss if I got a new puppy right away. We went and once I saw this precious Doberman I had to have her. She was an ill puppy, I'd sleep on the bathroom floor with her to make sure she was alright. She became my baby. Never got her ears done, so she had floppy ears. She would go up to people and put her tail end right in their faces, she liked her back right at the tail scratched. We would joke that anyone could break in as long as they scratched her! She even had her own chair. If you sat in it, she'd let you know it wasn't yours! When she got cold she'd wake me and make me cover her. She had a squeaky hamburger toy that was her baby, if you played with it, she'd come to make sure it was alright! Scared to death of storms and flash lights, she wasn't what you might call very brave! She was my baby, the joy in my life.

I never knew much about this breed until I got her. Always thought they were "mean", kept telling her she forgot to read the book on Dobermans! Didn't know they had a greater chance of heart problems. Who would have guessed when you riding home one day you'd have a heart attack and die on me. Oh how I miss you. You always were and always will be my baby. One day we will cross Rainbow Bridge together. We will scratch your tail, play with your hamburger baby, and keep you covered! I miss you baby.

Mom, Dad, Catherine, and Corey

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