My precious Goose
one day I knew, I'd have to say goodbye
But you my friend
you looked at me and saw how much I cried
You would not make ME suffer
and as your final gift
one night we put you in your bed
then you began to drift
Into the silent slumber that only God can give
yes, even to a dog, my friend, while others of us live

We woke up the next morning
thought you were sleeping sound
and wanted just to let you sleep, so we tip-toed around

And when we turned to pick you up we saw that precious face
just lying on your great big paws and in your favorite place.
No twitch, no smile no lasting kiss to wipe across our brow
But even then, we knew your love as even we do now

The truth, my friend we realized
was you had left our side
Though in our heart and soul you know
forever you'll abide
To those who think a pet is that
a "pet" is all they'll be
But you, my Goose, my precious friend
will always be part of me.


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