Ms. Piggy

I had a little Pomeranian named Ms. Piggy .She was the Queen of The House and She new it . She made the others , even the ones bigger than her , do things her way . And the people around her were no better . We were there to serve her... Example : going to the store at 10:00 P.M. to get weiners because she didn't want her dog food...What can I say She ruled.

I had her from the day she was born about 4 yrs ago , then on July 7,1997 she had a seizure and I took her to the vet . Verdict was a progressive central nervous system disorder. Vet said she had been having seizures all along but since symptoms were pacing around the room back and forth we hadn't noticed, thinking she was being sulky because she didn't like what she had to eat . You get her something she liked and she would stop. By that afternoon she was dead from another seizure.

The vet said with those little dogs , if something goes wrong in their head there is not much that can be done... I miss her, I helped her be born , she claimed me as hers , Where I went at home she was with me, under my feet , in my lap , by my shoulder in bed . Even laying in my lap while I tried to hold Keyboard and type on computer . She is even included as a pet of My Fort Weyr 13 Persona, T'laine . I don't know How I'll feel continuing writing her in stories now . But I don't think I can kill her off either. It's been two years now. I still find myself thinking of her with fondness, even sometimes waking up and finding myself reaching for her. She had such a short life, but she filled those years with such energy and enthusiasm.

July 5, 1999 - Terrell Scrivner

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