Grandpa's Golden Teddy Bear

Wow what a name! He was our beloved golden retriever. Always ready to play. Always so happy. Never wanting to harm a soul. When we first saw you we knew you were special. Such a cute pup! When Grandpa got around you, oh how you took to him. Sitting beside him. Watching out for him. You were ours, but more so his! Who would have known that one day of running to have fun you'd meet your destiny and God would call you home. The blue van never slowed down, never stopped to see if you were alright. How unfair that you should have gone. Dad came home from work. Mom and myself rushed to your side after getting the call from my sister. A total stranger stopped and helped put your body in the car for your very last ride. Grandpa was at a loss and like the rest of us totally heart broken.

One day we will reunite and go over the Rainbow Bridge together, but for now, I know that you are with Grandpa, probably sitting by his side while he pats you on the head and watchs over us. Take care of one another. How we miss you and your big heart.

Dad, Mom, Catherine, and Corey

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