Annie was my chihuahua baby girl who looked like the Taco Bell Dog. I had lost my beloved cocker spaniel about 3 years ago and decided to visit the local dog pound, just to "look" mind you. There sat Annie in this hugh tub, probably receiving the first bath of her life. I was told by the pound that Annie was about 6 years reality, after checking with my Vet...she was more like 10. Having seen that Annie had been abused and finding out she had two previous homes, how could I leave Annie there?

The first three nights Annie just jumped on my bed and slept with me, as close as she could possibly snuggle. I was lucky enough to have had Annie for two years. She was a most grateful dog....appreciating all of the comforts of home, being indoors and no longer locked out in the elements, eating well and receiving much love.

Annie last summer went blind and deaf. I kept Annie until November 6, 1998. She died in my arms with myself crying, the vet crying and my daughter crying....If anyone deserves a "Star" it is this little girl...I love you Annie...and always will...

Love, Mommy

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