Bailey was the first puppy from my dogs first litter, he was stout, and had the biggest head in the world. As a gift, he was given to my boyfriend's 15 year old brother, who loved him, unlike anything else.

On July 4th, Bailey was hit by a car. We didn't find him until he had already passed on...I miss that guy... What do I miss most? The constant kisses, anywhere, anytime, for no reason, but to let you know he was there, and wanted attention. I miss his bark, and the way he seemed to smile, when we let him run free. The glitter of the sun on a warm day, reflecting from his eyes, and the warmth of his body all curled up, watching us work around the yard.

He loved gloves, lotion bottles, and especially CAT FOOD! Most of all though, he loved his master, Cliff. I am writing for Cliff, in memory of Bailey, named for Bailey's Irish Cream. I miss him so's just not the same without him around.



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