My tribute is to our first dog "Frisky". My husband brought him home to me in a Campbell's Soup box. He was so tiny, he fit in the palm of my hands, Just a dog, mixed breed, black and white ball of fur. But as were to learn in our almost seventeen years together, that little ball of black and white fur was just all heart. He was so frightened the minute I put him on the floor he got behind the refrigerator, so our first experience with our "Frisky" was to move out the refrigerator and retrieve our precious puppy. Our love for this puppy grew as did our little ball of fur. He had a pretty healthy life for the first fifteen years, then we found during his annual check-up that he had a heart condition. We put him on a special diet, and I gave him daily medications, our vets visits became more frequent, and the vet assured us he was not in pain, he just was not quiet as "Frisky".

He had some sheep dog, in fact mostly sheep dog, but a miniature, the black hair turned Grey with age. One Sunday morning, which turned out to be our love's last, he came and sat by my chair, with his loving chin on my knee. I said to him "would you like to come up on mommies lap, and he did. I should have suspected something, he had not be able to jump for over a year. He gave me that one final kiss, put his head on my shoulder and then went to await us in heaven. All of this took place on so many years ago, my husband and I are both retired now, have been for years, but I have no fear of death, as I know that our first love our "Frisky" will come runnin' and we'll both get all the hugs and kisses we have missed for years.

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