The day Brandon and I met was the day Brandon adopted Kade from the Animal Rescue. I was walking my dog, Wicked, to the park. Wicked and Kade got along. Brandon and I just sat there watching our dogs play. I wasn't doing anything so I invited Brandon and Kade to my house to hang out. Wicked and Kade were playing still but this time they were growling at each other for Wicked's doggie bone. They started fighting; so I tried to stop the fight. Not only did I stop them from fighting; but Wicked, my own dog, also bit me. I put my arm in the middle and I took the bite so Kade (the puppy) didn't have to. I was just trying to protect him. Anyway, that is how Brandon & I met.

So, we had so much fun together, taking the dogs to Robert E. Lee Park, walking on trails, taking them to chase the squirrels (that was they're favorite thing to do, they helped each other). They live for squirrels. Everything we did, we had to bring the dogs with us. They were inseparable from us. Our little gang. After two months of fun, Brandon and I found another common interest, each other.

Brandon's job required him to travel and he had to return to work, so I took care of Kade when he was away. I grew very close with Kade. I got used to seeing a black and white dog (Wicked) and a rust colored fluffy dog (Kade) together all of the time. I love every minute we spent together. Kade would always bite Wicked's feet and Wicked would sit down so he couldn't. The dogs also grew attached to each other. They acted like brothers. They loved each other.

For the next two months of Kade's life, when Brandon returned home, we continued to take them everywhere with us. We took them to bookstores, coffee shops and even the bars with us.

Anyway, last week, July 9, 1999, Friday, I was on my way to work when I realized hey, I should take the dogs out to pee. So, I let them out the door and they were both running towards the park. I yelled "No!" They both sat down. (They are very smart dogs, they usually listen when we tell them a command) As I was walking towards them I noticed Kade's eyes were focused on something across the street at the park. He saw a squirrel and that was all he was worried about. I yelled, I screamed, he didn't listen. A car going way past the speed limit, hit him, and didn't bother to stop. Just went right over him. I ran to Kade, thinking we're going to take him to the vet and he's going to be okay. I was screaming Brandon's name, he was in the house sleeping. People came from everywhere, helping me. I was still in the middle of the street, tending to Kade. This girl Shawn, she was on her way to work, stopped, to help. Brandon came. Wicked was still in the street and some guy grabbed him and held him for me. (I never got to thank him, I don't even know who he was) Shawn called work and said she's going to be late. She drove through red lights, cut cars off, waved people over so we can get through and tried to calm us all at the same time. Unfortunately, Kade died 5 minutes before we got to the Emergency Vet Clinic. Shawn came in with us. And cried with us. There are some awesome people in this world after all.

I still miss Kade, and I am crying my eyes out right now, as I'm writing this, and I will always remember him. He brought Brandon and I together, and he loved Wicked.

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