Ami Jakovleski

Ami was the greatest dog ever. He got the Name Ami because the people who gave him to our family had named him Amedeus, but we called him Ami for short. And that turned out to be the best name we ever could have picked for him, see Ami means friend in French, and that he was. All the kid in the Neighborhood would drop what ever they were doing to play with Ami when they saw him walking down the street, and he loved it. He was always there at the door when anyone came home and to lend support and make you feel good. He was the best friend I have ever had.

July 27, 1999, was the hardest day of my life, see we found out Ami had Cancer a few days before and that we had to put him to sleep, because he was in so much pain. I miss him more than anything in the world, and would give anything I have to get him back. Wherever he is, I want him to know I love and miss him with all my heart.

I love you Ami, and I miss you so much!!!

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