Hooch Nail

Hooch was born to Sunrise Summer November 22,1992. There were 10 puppies all together. 9 of the pups did not make it. Hooch used to run as fast as he could toward our back door and ram it with his head, it would knock him back about a foot or so. That is how he got his name from the movie Turner & Hooch. We would go on fishing trips and he would chase the fish and try to get it off the pole. He was a protective dog, but a big baby as well.He loved car rides, and running around the yard.He loved his 2 year old human brother timmy.

He acted like he was not a dog but a human, he acted like he could understand everything you said to him. We love you so much. We are going to miss your bark and your howl when you want outside, and you talking the way you do,and when you chomp your lips to get attention.You are our Best Friend and Timmy's too. He's really going to miss you. He loves you very much too. We all LOVE YOU so very much.

You are just like a child to me and I feel like I'm losing one of my children. For 6 and a half years you have brought a lot of love and happiness to us. Even when we were so mad at you for jumping the 8 foot privacy fence and getting your leg stuck, we were so scared you would lose that leg.

We Love you, LOVE YOU ALWAYS, Sissy (Sunrise), Mom, Daddy, Timmy, Grandma Sherry.

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