Juno and I came to live at my dad's home around the same time. Me through divorce with my daughter and Juno from the pound. She was beautiful white with silver husky and the most gorgegous blue eyes. She was the alpha dog.

Somewhere down the line my dad remarried after the death of my mother and Juno found herself stuck with me. We moved to an apartment together with my daughter and Juno came everywhere with us. She would not let us out the door without her. I use to say my dad dumped her for another woman and now regrets it.

She taught us so much about life and love and a more loyal loving companion you could not find. I will never forget the first she howled "I love you". She was such a talker! my daughter and I have so many found memories of her.

We don't know her exact birthday but I estimated to be around July 4, 1984 and she lived until December 8, 1998 the sadest day in my life. She waited for us to wake up that morning before she left us. I miss her so much. We use to tease that Juno thought walk and love were the same words.

We miss you JUNO! I know you are enjoying all your walks now!

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