Although she was only 11 1/2 month old... Madison brought us great joy. She was the sparkle in our sky. When she was only 5 month old she was diagnosed with kidney disease and was not expected to live long. But, she was a fighter and came back with vengeance. She had a great 5 months, she played, she ate, and she even trained for Search and Rescue.

You see she was a Bloodhound, who was brought into our lives to save lives. Although she did not get the opportunity to save a life, she sure brought pleasure to all she met. She was a funny little girl, who loved to be loved, she gave you no choice. Her life, although short, was very full. She was given opportunities and love that most dogs do not get in a long life. She was worth it, she had a great heart and a great spirit, it was just her kidney's that could not keep up with her growth.

She was loved by all who knew her, she will shine for a very long time.

Joe and Lou Ann Pomposelli and the Members of Air Search Rescue Canine Team

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