Penny was one of the best dogs you could ever have. Her personality was wonderful and she showed she cared. When one of us were sick she always took care of us. I had the kidney stones last year and she stayed by me the whole time. All I had to do was write a note to a family member saying what I needed and she'd go and give them the note. I know this probably seems unbelievable but that's how she was. Everyday when the mail would come she'd come by the dinning room table and beg for the mail. So we'd give it to her and she'd carry it around the house.

She had a very rough life when we found her. We found her when she was about 6 months old with a lump on her head. About 7 months after that we found out that she had heartworm so we immediately treated her for it. Now 6 years later she was diagnoised with cancer and there wasn't anything we could do for her.

She was all of our best-friend and we will always love her and remember her. Well see her again one day.........

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