Queen Latifah

Sept. 1995 - May 28, 1999

We lost our dog Queen Latifah on May 28, 1999. It was devestating to say the least - she was only 4 years old - and we thought we had her on the right path to recovery - she was diagonsed with Lupus. Sadness cannot describe how we all felt. This dog was the LOVE of our life. We always knew she would be there to greet us at the door, or to lick hand when we were down. Our Oueen ALWAYS seemed to know how we were feeling and what it owuld take to cheer us up whether is be her laying calmly or quietly beside us or a good romp in the back yard. We all feel as tho we have been truly blessed by having her in our life.

We thank God becasue we know she is with him for taking her peacefully and gently- and now she can run with NO pain, she see clearly with clear eyes, and she can hear without any troubles - We know she is with us daily as we have all felt her prescence at one time or another...

We miss you and love you Queenie - we shall meet up again - and it will be just as good the second time around -

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