Sheilah's Gang

Louie 12/74 5/86

Duchess 1973 - 9/83

Peanuts 1948 to 1961




Tessie, 4-1-1983 to 3-10-1999 and Freddie, 1997 to 1999.

Tessie was the most loyal and loving friend imagineable. She was loved and is missed. She went to sleep on the 3rd birthday of her doggie companion who is still with us.

Freddie was with us only for 3 months but they were the best three months of his short life. He had "presence." When he entered the room, the room lit up. When he strutted his stuff, all eyes were on him. He was so touchy-feely with women but did not like men, even his "Dad" who adored him.

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