02-17-92 - 08-15-99

From the moment we saw you we knew you would be
a faithful companion to Frannie and me.
You brought us joy, you brought us delight,
you will always be the love of our life.
Your life was not easy, but one would never know it,
you were always so strong and refused to show it.
As a puppy we knew your bones were not right,
but that never deterred your love of life.
You ran and you played without much a whimper,
but inside you knew our hips begged to differ.

From 6 weeks till 7 years, you gave us your all,
till God came calling for the Strongest of all.
He took you our Baby, into His arms,
to comfort and heal you from all life's harms.
I know He will use you to stand at His gate,
you'll be His new Angel to stand there and wait.
You'll greet all who come with a way of your tail,
and lead them to heaven on their final trail.
I know one day we will meet again,
and then I can love my beautiful Friend.

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