I lost Coolidge to bone cancer on April 21, 1999. He was 10 years 11months old at his death. I adopted him from a local greyhound racetrack in June, 1990 at the age of two. He was a beautiful black greyhound with just a few white spots on his chest and paws. He was just my second dog and from the first minutes of our trip home we knew we'd be life long friends. His name at the track was Arrogant Arthur (a more unlikely name they couldn't have found). I named him Coolidge because he did "not choose to run". He was the center of my life for the next 9 years and I miss him more than I ever believed possible. He was the kindest, most timid comedian I'll ever know.

I will be forever grateful to him for the wonderful stories he left me with. He is dearly missed by all my friends who knew him; he had that kind of charisma. COOLIDGE , this star is for you!!!

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