Desi & Cutter

Younghaven's Designer Series better know as Desi.

She Died May 27, 1999. She would have been 11 june 24th. To me she was a perfect picture of what a collie is. Loyal, Dedicated, beauitiful. The moment we meet when she was 2yrs old i became her special person. She never wanted anything more than to just be where i was. She was a wonderful momma to her 3 litters of offspring. She loved babies so much, that she would mother anything that was little and wiggly. i use to love to take her for walks, she was a blue merle rough collie and most pple never could figure out what she was. hehhe i will miss her so much, i know she is there waiting with Jesus for the day that I go home.

The next one to cross the bridge was Younghavcn's Custom Cut known as Cutter.

He was my first stud dog and the one i practiced on , when it came to A.I. He was a sweet guy. Never caused a fight with anyone. As long as Cutter had tasty food, a nice cool place to be he was a happy camper. I will miss them.

Lindy Dempsey

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