Pecan Chaney of Jacksonville, Florida

1982 - 1999

My best friend was pecan who i i got as a small baby at pecan park flea market who i grew to love more than a child . We always went for long walks in bone park . He had his own little personality some he liked but a lot he did not . He was our outstanding guard dog always protected our home and my son . He stayed outside during the day and then we went for our long walks and then he would come in the house and was a joy in every way . He was seven years old and me and my x went our seperate ways and me and my son got a no pets apartment and she keep the house and was suppose to take care of him but moved and my sister took him for a while but pecan and her dog did not get along . He keep coming back to our apartment just wanting to be with us . We had to have him put to sleep but i'll never forget him.

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