A tribute to the best friend I have ever had in the whole world...

She knew people by thier names, and would greet them at the door with her numb going like crazy. When I got her she was the little puppy in the bunch, and just ran up to me and laid down on my foot! So since she picked me first I figure what the heck I'll take her home. The motorcycle ride home didn't bother her one bit....she fell asleep in my jacket!

I figured any dog that could stand that has gotta be the best dog in the world!

She spent her whole life trying to make sure I was safe and happy....funny I was trying to do that for her at the same time!

Now that she's gone I miss her, and know no other dog will take her place. Anyone that met her will remember her for the rest of thier lives! Now you didn't call her a dog, she'd pout. She was a short person! She is with god, and my other best friend, bet she's looking down giggling at me.

She was 15 years old when she passed away but still it feels like just yesterday she was a tiny puppy.

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