My husband & I had the hard decision of having our beautiful rottweiler ZARA put down last week.

She was 10 years old. She was blind & had hip problems. The day we sent her to heaven she couldn't even walk. My husband had to carry her down to our backyard. I held her head and spoke with her as the vet performed her duties

It was devastating.

Zara had been maltreated by 3 previous owners before she was 12 months old. She was a timid dog when we first got her but in time she grew into a faithful beautiful dog and gave us all her love & trust plus more..... I feel comfort in the thought that she knew we loved her & gave her the best life we could. We buried her in our back garden. I have planted everlasting daisies & sunflowers in her special place.

Thank you ZARA, play in the clouds now, be free to run & jump. We love you & miss you dearly puppy.

Goodbye bubba louie.....

Mum, Dad, Chyna & Molly

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