Dee Dee

We are Richard (age 12) and Josh (age 10).

On September 7, 1999 we had to put our dog Dee Dee to sleep.

We would both like to say something about her.

Richard (age 12)

Dee Dee was an Old English Sheepdog. She never chewed anything up. She died at age 13 1/2. This is a good picture of her. It took us 5 tries to get this picture. One time we took her to our cabin up north and when we went to Flagstaff we accidenly left the pantry open and she ate the entire box of dog treats!

Josh (age 10)

I knew Dee Dee since I was born. As a baby I would point to any four legged animal and say Dee Dee! Dee- Dee! So Obviously my first word was Dee Dee. When I learned to walk I tried to jump up and ride her. We miss her very much.

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