Heidi Bear

Courtney's Heidi Bear


11-09-91 08-19-99

CANCER, oh my God, how can this be?
they said 6 months you'd be with me.
One month, two months, three months, four..
how were we to know we'd have no more.
Undying love and loyalty you gave to me..
How can I let you go? How can this be?
Remembering all the great times we've had,
and now to see you hurt so bad.
Tell me when it's time to go.
As long as you know I love you so.
Never enough time, this I will always regret...
Wasn't prepared to let you go just yet.
Everyone says, time will ease the pain,
that someday we'll be together again.
Your eyes said it all to me today.
You had enough and were ready to go your way.
So I'll give you your freedom to go to a better place.
I'll meet you there with the biggest smile on my face.

Holding on to the memories we share.
They will help me carry the grief I bear.
Every step I take, I' ll be thinking of you.
Every breath I take will be for you too.
I envy you your restful sleep.
For I am left behind to weep.
Doing this was the last thing I could do for you
But was I sure you wanted me to?
I'll long to be with you. I'll miss you so much.
I'll miss those wet kisses, your soft furry touch.

Be free of this body that racks you with pain,
you are now free and happy and healthy again.
Enter now the gates of the Rainbow Bridge and wait for me.
I'll come to be with you, just wait and see.
A needle now takes you away from me,
as I scream your name in agony
Rest in peace my sweet Heidi girl.
We'll be together again in a better world.

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