In loving memory of Magnum,

1991 to September 22, 1999

Let me tell you a bit about our Magnum. He came to us in 1992 because his owner could not keep him. Magnum was about fourteen months old then so he would have been born in 1991. He immediately attached himself to my husband and became his dog. Hardly did anyone see my husband in his truck without Magnum in the back, his tongue lolling out of his mouth and enjoying his ride. When my husband had to be in the hospital with a broken pelvis for thirty-nine days, Magnum cried for him every day. Once I sneaked Magnum into the hospital as the nurses "looked" the other way. It was a joyous reunion! Magnum ran down the hall to the open area where my husband was for the afternoon but stopped just short of jumping up on the bed because he knew somehow that my husband was hurt. Magnum laid his head on the bed and looked into my husband's eyes as if to say, "Where have you been?"

Magnum was a very faithful dog and he will be greatly missed.

I want to pay tribute to the greatest dog we have ever had. Magnum was a pure-bred German Shepherd and he had a fancy name but we cannot remember it. To us, he was just Magnum and that was enough.

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