Mitsy Weldon

She was put to sleep last Tuesday, September 14th and the world is different now. When I go to her house and visit her mom the house seems empty and cold.

She was a great protector of her home and the children that lived in it. She was a beautiful creature with a real love of life, but her body would not allow her to play and "beg" anymore at only 7 3/4 years young.

She had a heart disorder that allowed fluid to build around her heart and lungs. My friend tried fluid pills but that only worked for about 2 weeks. The heat of this summer bothered her something terrible. Her legs began to swell to the point of breaking blood vessels and it became a challenge just to get up. That combined with a terrible time breathing, Linda knew it was time and had to let her go, and so she went.

She is not only missed by her family but also by her friends.

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