Over the summer I lost my Dog Molly to colon cancer. She had to be put to sleep and then I knew she had cancer. That day I cryed my eyes old for days. It has not be easy so far without her. She meant everying to me.

Molly was the greatest friend anyone can ask for. I am only 17 and I had to spend the first birthday without her and I even made a wish that she came back to me but I know that would never happen. I told my parents that I wished that because I wanted Molly to know I still think about her and miss her very much.

Molly would always smile at me and she would always wait for me at the fence until I get home from school. In my old house Molly would follow me into the computer room and stay right under the table and watch over me.

Molly lived to be 11 years old. I will always love her and never forget her. I would always call her Molly the collie. She was a shetlie dog. I will always remember Molly as my friend and my protecter. Molly would always know when I was sad and she would try to comfort me. She would always know when a storm came. Puting Molly to sleep was the hardest decision I ever had to make but I did not want her to suffer until she died.

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