First String Coda Cn. CD, CDX, WC, JH, TD- "Peter"

May 29, 1985, to September 27, 1999.

You came to me a small little ball of fur so filled with love and wonder at the world. You weren't a noisy, rambuncious puppy but you were curious and loveable and we had a bond from the first time I saw and held you. At six weeks you were diagnosed with a heart murmur and the advice was to send you heaven the care for you would too expensive. How do you "send back" your baby? At six months you were diagnosed with severe allergies. You were allergic to everything that grew in our area naturally, everything that was used in dog food, and horses, cats and feathers. Again I was advised that your care would be too expensive. I still would not give you up.

You were the youngest dog to receive your CD in Canada, you were the best in obedience and placed 1st so many times. Learning new exercises and new things was a time of patience with you. You would become so frustrated and stressed if you couldn't do it right the first time. You learned to "perform" until the judge said "exercise finished." Then you reverted back to being my "Peter Pupper." You amazed the judges with your speed and accuracy in tracking and converted "labs only for hunting judges" to you in field. Those days of training, traveling and showing were a time for you and I together. We were a great team.

But for all your accomplishments the most important is your title "Best In Heart." There will never be another Peter, wait for me Rainbow dog...Exercise finished!

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