Born into a world of pain and suffering. Rescued and given a loving home. He suffered much in his all too short life, but that suffering was eased by the simple fact that he had a home where he was loved and treated with respect.

He had a love of life and a sense of humour, strange for a dog? No, he was nearly human. His days were filled with love and enjoyment, even at the worst times he enjoyed his life, (with special thanks to his vet, David and his wife).

Walks in the forest with his best friend Honey, trips out with his familly, even just being with them meant so much to him.

A true and loyal companion, greatly missed by Ivy, Ted and David, his familly for a number of years.

TJ will shine in heaven as a he did in life, a star above all others.

Good bye my friend, you go to join our other friends, Judy, Sheba, Storm and Suzie we shall miss you, but you will all live on in our hearts.

We love you.

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