I just wanted to say a few words about a special little pup that came into our lives and left us too quickly. His name was Angelo, and he was named that because he came so close to dying when he was 3wks old that I wanted him to have an angel around him.

He was the weakest from a litter of 11 and had health problems from the beginning. But we loved him even more because he was so vunerable. We had him a year before he sucumbed to mange. We tried and tried to save our "Little angel" but his immune system, i guess was just not strong enough to fight any more. I don't regret savi

ng his little fragile life even though it was a short one. I hope that while he was here he enjoyed something of life, and he enriched ours. I just hope that somewhere he is whole and healthy and that God is taking care of him. I can't wait to see that Rainbow Bridge because I have alot of friends I miss.


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