Witchy Girl, Freckles & Bear

Today has been a very hard day! About a year ago someone dropped an unwanted dog at my house. I am a lover of all animals and she so needed love. She is a mixed breed, about as unattractive as they come. She trusted no one. It a while but she finally saw I would not hurt her. By then she was expecting puppies.

When they were born she hid them in the woods for over 2 mo's. Then she brought them to me. They had never seen a human but must have smelled my scent because they were never afraid. I went to the vet and got their first round of shots and wormer and ask about having them "fixed" Of 5 puppies only one was a male. I got really attached to these babies!

Somehow while at the vets office they contracted a corona virus. For many days I had to give IV fluids and meds to help with the vomiting. One by one my puppies died. One had a new home before the vet trip so only the four were exposed. The first to go was a sweet little girl that had the clearest green eyes, I had never seen a green eyed dog before. Her name was witchy girl. She died in my arms. Next the only male died after 3 days of agony for him in spite of any thing I tried. His name was freckles. Next the prettiest one and also the most loving of them all, her name was Bear. Now we only have 1 left. So far she does not appear to be sick yet and I am praying she will not come down with this terrible illness!!!

It has really been tough because they trusted me so! Please remember these three babies.

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