Our Precious and wonderful member of our family, Burby, so incredible that she has left her doggy prints across our hearts forever and warms our thoughts with every beautiful memory of her. We helped deliver her on August 30th 1993. We knew from the moment she was delivered she was so different, unlike all the other Border Collie pups, she was tan, with black markings and white boots. Instantly we fell in love with her beauty, easily deciding that she was the one for us to keep, and soon started spoiling her with love and tenderness as you would your very own child. How unique and special she would become was only yet to be.

One afternoon we left her home while going into town for a short while, there was her father Huckleberry with her, but somone was up to mischief at times. Leaving the cam corder on the counter in the "record" position, we headed out the door. About 30 mis later we returned to see a huge mess in the kitchen. Anxious to put the VHS in the TV.. I rushed over to see who was the villan. To my suprised eyes, I saw Burby waiting till we left out of the driveway, and then she took one piece of trash at a time piece by piece, gently stacking it in a pile, occasionally looking up at the door to see when we would come in, she couldnt see out of the kitchen window, so she helped herself to the top of the kitchen table, and then tired from the climb, she layed there and rested. She had never done anything like that, but knew id find her mess, and was expressing her need to be with us. I thought it was so cute that she went through so much trouble to make it obvious. We just laughed and thought this is so silly..

She loved going to Dairy Queen eating her vanilla custard icecream, and when she went on walks, she would look up at us as though she was admiring us, not looking where shes going just up at us, to see if we were looking at her. Burby was the most loving animal my heart and eyes had ever seen nor felt before. She loved running around and keeping her pups in line after delivering 8 pups. She was a wonderful mom. We kept a pup, and named her daughter Binky. She loved keeping Bink in line and nibbled on the side of her neck to show her motherly love. I would sit and admire how affectionate Burby was. She would be by your side no matter where you are, and would always be loyal and do little tricks when she was in the mood. She loved sneaking into bed, and snuggling close especially during storms.

Burby had a Tumor and multiple things happening to her at the same time,We spent all our money trying to save her, and the Dr. said we cannot save her, because all her functions were shutting down, then her little body could not handle anything at all, and passed away after days of all of us trying to fight to save her. Our sweet Burby, even in her last moments she was crawling reaching out, trying to lay on our lap. To her dying breath she was more concerned for others than herself.

Burby We miss you when you left us on September 28th 1999. But you will always be in our hearts and will meet you one sweet day in Heaven. We think your our Doggie star and deserve so much more. You have given so much love. We miss you Burby and are dearly loved, beyond words. We know your our doggie angel.

God Bless YOU Burby, WE love you with all our hearts.

With Love Forever

Binky, Tommy, Angie, Mom and Dad

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