June 1984 - Febuary 1996

This girl of mine is sorely missed. She was my angel here on earth. I lost her due to a massive heart attack at 10:30 pm. I stayed with her all night long and in the early morning light, I laid her body to rest in her plot.

I know that she has gone on to a better place, where she is happy, healthy and free to play with all the others. I am sure she has taught them her "jig", but this still hasn't lessen the empty spot on my heart.

Dar-Lyn saw me through many happy and sad times, but God love her, she was the best in my lowest hours. Only she could understand and renew my soul.

I talk to her often and still keep flowers at her grave. I feel her presence still. When the chimes sing their song, I know it is my Dar-Lyn dancing by to let me know she is alright and never far away.

Cathy Patterson

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