7/10/85 - 8/21/99

Nugget was my second Golden Retriever and during our 14 years together, he really spoiled me. He always made sure that I knew I was #1 in his book. I would run home at the end of the day just for the pure joy and entertainment of being in his company. Oh sure, Nugget had the usual retriever talents of tennis ball chasing, swimming, and just being a delight to look at, but over the years he really came into his own personality. I picked Nugget out from his litter when he was 5 weeks old and brought him to his new home a week later. I had no idea how much he would change my life and what a joy he would prove to be.

He was so very handsome, and that was a fact he was well aware of. Whenever a camera made an appearance, he would make sure he was front and center with his head cocked back and looking square at the photographer.

In his golden years, Nugget decided that he would prefer to "carry" his own leash on our walks (much more dignified I must say) and again with that head held ever so high, he would prance down the street with me following behind just glad to be in such good company. Another senior talent Nugget developed was his wonderful singing voice. When he first decided to share this talent with the world, it came as quite a surprise. Obviously, Nugget was quite impressed with his own voice, until the songs were longer and longer, and any eye contact just enticed him to sing more.

I miss my best friend more than words can say. I know Nugget would want me to hold my head up and remember him with a smile and a song in my heart, but the emptiness I feel makes that hard to do.

Kenworth's Golden Nugget, "You Are My Heart".

Lisa Boyd

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