He was born in our home December 16 1985 to Gypsy my husband's poodle. She passed on last year and was my husband's true soulmate in the pet realm. There will never be another pair like those two.

Odie was her son and had the sweetest spirit, never angry just very mellow. He was a poodle and he had a bottom jaw that was about 1/2 inch longer then the top so he looked like he was always smiling at you. He picked me out and loved me from the start. He was black and had white tips on his paws and on his chest.

I loved him from the get go and we were always together. I even cooked with him standing watching the floor for anything dropped.

He died Sept 23 1999 in my arms from old age and kidney failure. I will not love like this again. Odie. I shall always miss you my love.


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