Our beloved 9 year old "mutt" Sandy, left us for the Rainbow Bridge this past Friday, October 8th, 1999. Her death was unexpected ~ as I'm sure many are ... Sandy had a series of grand mal seizures on Thursday night ... her ultimate diagnosis was hypoglycemia - she had tiny insulin excreting tumors. We could have had opted for surgery and extensive medical intervention to buy a few more days, perhaps a month with Sandy, but to have had her endure that was incomprehensible ~ Sandy was not a dog that would have done well ~ so sadly, we had to let her go.

She will be desperately missed! Sandy was a loving family member who didn't mind kids "playing dress up" with her, she would wait with her chin on the window sill - watching for us to come home, and her love was so strong that when she wagged her tail, her entire back end wagged too :)

Sandy ~ we love you and miss you terribly ~ we hope you're at peace, free from pain, and waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge, having snacks and running in the sunshine with your little furry friends.


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