October 23, 1994 - October 24 1998

Dear Sterling,

It has been a year since that terrible disease took over your body. We can only hope that our decision to relieve you of the pain was for the best. I know that you are in a better place now. You are free from the disease that caused you the pain and suffering the last few weeks of your short life. When Kathy and I brought you home, we never knew how much joy you would bring us over the next four years. We knew you were special when we found out that your birthday was on our one-year wedding anniversary.

Sterling, I know now that you are now running free without pain, never hungry or thirsty. The pain we have felt from your absence will never go away but with each passing day it gets a little easier to deal with. We know that one day we will all meet again, your brother Rocky, your new brother, Magilla, Kathy and I, and we will all be happy once again.

Sterling, please wait for us, as you know when we will be arriving to be with you once again. Until then we will always keep you in our hearts and thoughts.

With Love,
Kathy and Bill

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