Sasha, our beautiful white Samoyed Tsarina, daughter of Tsar Nickolai of Kodiak, passed away November 1, 1999. She brought us immeasurable joy and laughter during her all-too-short 13 years. She was in great pain the night she died, but when she passed over, she had the most gloriously peaceful smile we have ever seen.

Sasha loved the Snow. She was born in Colorado in 1986. She lived with us in the mountains of Colorado, Idaho, Utah, Canada, Washington and Oregon while we were building ski lifts. In 1991 she settled into a nice big pine covered yard in Bend, Oregon.

She will live in our hearts forever. Do svidaniya, maya sobaka, menyena Sasha.

- Your loving family on this earth;


Judy Shellabarger
Redmond, Oregon


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