Chico will always be missed.

Chico died at about 16 years old, a male chihuahua, of a heart attack. It was just as painful for me emotionally as it was for him physically. Watching him die and taking him to be cremated was the hardest thing I ever had to do in my life.

He was my best friend and came every where with me. The day after he died, his christmas presents were delivered by the postal office. We still have his stocking hanging up.

He was suppose to go with me on a trip to my in laws for Christmas. This was suppose to be our last Christmas together. Was it too much to want to keep him through 1999? I love my other two dogs but it is not the same. Chico was very old and dependent on me. He would come with me to appointments, to work at times and on trips we take. He needed massages and medicine every day, as well as special food.

The other two dogs are so young that they do not need me the same way. They are very active and independent. It feels almost as if they do not need me.

I loved him.

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