My family and I recently lost our beloved dog, Lucky. He was a mix breed of beagle and yellow Lab. We adopted him from a shelter, and we have only had him for a few months. During this short time, we have developed a very close and loving bond with him. He was a very affectionate and loving puppy. On Tuesday, November 23, he was run over by a car, and passed away immediately due to internal injuries.

We miss him so much, and I have never shed so many tears or sobbed so hard in my life. He was our very first pet, and no pet will ever take his place in our hearts. I miss him every day, and hope that he is well taken care of up in Heaven.

We know that he is shining down on us, for he will always be our Lucky star. Lucky, we miss you very much and we will always love you.

Love always,
Tina and family

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