she was given to my mom whom can't see well at all , but for christmas 15 years ago. my mon cried that the happiest i've ever seen my mom cry. it was such a joy. missey was her name we had her cremated and had her funeral on veterans day because she is a true veteran. when she died she was crippled abd mostly blind and could hardly hear except when someone was eating then she would do he famous yap,yap,she brought so much joy and love to our family.

but my mom new the day would come that missey would leave us so years back missey had a litter she she could always have a part of her, and she did we kept only one and that was hard but her nae is sheba, then as time went on she needed to have a part of sheba son we did and his name is mokie and my sister kept one named curley sue . so you see missey was a real veteran because she is the mother and the grandmother and she got to watch them grow up and play with each other everyday.

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