We had to have Paddy put to sleep on the 26th January 1999, after a long illness with cancer. We first met Paddy in 1991, when he came to live with us with his brother Murphy from a rescue centre. He was such a happy dog always there when you needed him and hopefully we were there for him too. I still find it hard to understand that one day he was walking with me and the other two dogs and the next he was gone. Towards the end of his life his brother used to race ahead of him along with our younger dog, Pepper and Paddy used to desperately keep up but never could. I wrote this shortly after he died.

Gentle Soul

To the sunshine that warms my face
as I walk in the fields we used to walk together
I still feel you there
hopping along beside me trying to keep up
with the seemingly youthful pair 100yards ahead
so I turn and wait for you and am met with a warm smiling face
just happy to be out in the sunshine.

I still turn and wait now
forgetting your body has left us and I miss your laughing face
and the feel of your velvet nose when I kissed you
for trying so hard to keep up.

The others still wait too, when its time to turn and head for home
when your brothers tired of being youthful
and wants to wander with you instead.

You've left a big gap in our walks Paddy
and an even bigger gap in our lives.

You had a knack of knowing when people needed to be needed
and you played along to make us smile,
even if it was a rather wet kiss and smelly breath!!

I'd do anything for you to wake me up at a ridiculous hour of the morning
with your wet nose right in my face!

I hope you're happy Paddy
I don't know whether we made the right decision
did we take your life or end your suffering?

all I can hope is you can forgive us gentle soul,
the sunshine that warms my face.

Thank you for the chance I had to know you, Paddy XX

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